A Word from our Chefs………

Here at Tinbilly’s we endeavor to bring you the best quality meals at the best possible prices. Unlike most of our competitors we work very closely with our suppliers to continually keep up with what the market demands, Quality & Value. We will be regularly adding new meals to our menu over the coming months so there is always something fresh for our regular customers. We are here to keep you happy so if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on our menu feel free to let us know. We have recently upgraded a number of our products in order to exceed expectation and stay a cut above our competitors. Our standard rump steak is now Black Angus from Rangers Valley in NSW, also from Rangers Valley we have introduced a 250g Wagyu Rump. This has a marble score of 5+ which means it has fantastic marbling creating a rich flavor that melts in your mouth. Remember we are here to serve you so any questions or suggestions feel free to come and have a chat with us……. 

Enjoy your Meal!

Phil (Head Chef) Ian (Sous Chef)

Tinbilly Bar & Grill

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466 George Street
CBD, Brisbane,
Ph: (07) 3238 5888


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