INDIMEX is funky Indian with a Mexican twist and a warm welcome. You’ll be greeted by an experience that is totally unique to Brisbane.

IndiMex Café Bar Restaurant is where Indian and Mexican cuisines, two of the world’s boldest culinary palates meet. The menu combines aromas of freshly prepared traditional North Indian delicacies along with a yummy twist on your favourite Mexican dishes to give you a thoroughly unique and rule-shattering taste sensation!

A concept style café-meets-restaurant, IndiMex breaks the mould. It’s a trendy upbeat café serving scrumptious traditional and more exotic breakfasts in the morning, a cool and vibrant licensed hangout for a quick – or leisurely – lunch and a fun, exuberant restaurant and bar at night.

One trip to IndiMex and you’ll instantly be transported to a colourful, up-tempo dining experience. Never to be confused with a ‘local Indian joint’, it’s got a loco personality all its own. Feast on your favourite curries, as tame or as hot and wild as you like, or venture into the fusion menu where you’ll wonder: “Why on earth hasn’t anyone done this sooner??!!”

Chef Gurinderjit (GJ) Singh has served up addictive Indian and Mexican flavours all over the world. He trained under THE Iron Chef, Hattori Eiyo Senmon Gakko in Japan, speaks several different languages, has a flair for delivering multi-sensory experiences and he is the face and beaming smile of IndiMex!

If you like tons of personality with your breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoy an alcoholic beverage served with a smile and prefer colour and fun over prim and proper, get yourself into IndiMex and see what all the fuss is about!

Indimex Cafe Bar Restaurant

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401 Logan Road, Stones Corner
Brisbane, 4120
Ph: 07 3394 1000

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Open 7 days

  • 11.30 am - late Monday to Friday
    8.00 am - Saturday & Sunday
    Seating inside for 40 and outside for 40



6 User Reviews

  • We really liked it-- we had the groupon deal ($22 for 2 breakfast meals and 2 juices). My husband had the The Ultimate Tostada Brekkie and I had the Chilaquiles Brekkie. Both excellent! Love the sense of humour in the decor too
    LL, over 3 years
  • ' The best of both worlds - Yum Yum' One of my friend took me there for lunch and after that ( without the better half) and when I told him about how tasty the food was, he gave me 'the stares'... So, I took him to Indimex with me afterwards off course, and since then, we've been go back there times after times
    RicheJohn, over 3 years
  • Reasonable price, good service and tasty! As my office is just nearby, went lunch with my colleagues there often. The service is always good. The taste and food presentations are alway constant. Good price for lunch.
    Wendy, almost 4 years
  • Brilliant. We went for breakfast on spec from a voucher. The breakfast menu was imaginative and attractive. The Benedict Bombay was a treat - classic poached eggs with hollandaise sauce with tasty slices of tandoori chicken! Good coffee as well. I asked for the lunch and dinner menus and saw a great selection of interesting mexican, indian, and fusion food at really good prices. I'll definitely be coming back. Plus, the staff all look engaged and happy and were very attentive and efficient. What amazed me is that it was relatively quiet mid morning on Sunday - what a waste. Highly recommended
    Geoffa, over 4 years
  • First time diner, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The food was so flavoursome and each dish was done so well. I commend them on the outstanding service we received. The mocktail pina coladas were amaze balls. I would definitely go back and certainly recommend to friends!
    Bec, over 4 years
  • Wow! What a combination. Granted, I had my reservations when I first heard about this 'indian-mexican' fusion, but this is a truly amazing experience! Chef GJ puts his heart and soul into every meal prepared and it really does show. Breakfast?! At an Indian-Mexican Restaurant?! Don't think about it, just do it! This place is fantastic at any time of day; coffee and meals second to none and an atmosphere and customer service to match! A+++
    Rebecca, about 5 years

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